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Israel is a country where different cultures have met. We want to help the repatriates from the former Soviet Union, where Russian was the state language, to preserve their cultural roots and bring their culture to the Israeli society. Dr.More


Israel is the country of repatriates. This is the only state in the world where an immigrant is treated as a person who has returned to his homeland. Right at the entrance the repatriate receives the citizenship, and, together with it, all the rights of an Israeli citizen.More

We care

The aim of "We care" project is to help socially weak categories of the population. First of all, it is for legal education. An example of such kind of education is Efraim Melamed’s articles, explaining to the repatriates their pension rights in the countries of their origin.More

Financial literacy

Today in Israel, officials at all levels, including the government, say that the school must teach financial literacy. The problem is generally understandable - many young people dream of starting their own businesses, but do not have the necessary knowledge.More

Civil society

Within the framework of this project, the representatives of NGO “Magen Mishpacha”'s take part in meetings of the Knesset commissions, table legislative initiatives, interact with state institutions, seeking the enforcement of existing laws.More